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IQH3D VIEW Smartphone Case


The IQH3D Smartphone Case turns your iPhone into a 3D viewer without the need for glasses or VR goggles.

Don’t just protect your iPhone with a regular phone case, upgrade your device to a 3D content viewer with the IQH3D VIEW Phone Case.

Experience 3D visual effects on your iPhone 7, 8 or 7 Plus and 8 Plus. The IQH3D VIEW Phone Case uses state of the art lenticular technology with advanced software through the IQH3D App, to turn your existing iPhone into a 3D viewing device.

The IQH3D VIEW Smartphone Case Features:

  • High-quality 9H Tempered Glass for maximum protection (scratch and discoloration resistant)
  • Great protection without hiding phone design
  • Great 3D depth
  • Great 3D pop-out
  • Port and responsive button protection
  • State of the art lenticular technology
  • Fits on the back as a protective case, switch to the front for 3D viewing.

How It Works:

  • Download the IQH3D App (available for free)
  • Install the IQH3D VIEW Case to the face of your iPhone
  • Complete the 2 step calibration process
  • Enjoy your 3D Media

The IQH3D App Features:

  • Free download in the App Store (iOS)
  • After a simple 3D calibration
  • Enjoy free 3D content
  • Play 3D content from YouTube
  • Play your local videos in 3D
  • Download 3D content (side by side or Top and Bottom formats) and play in 3D mode
  • Enjoy an ever-expanding library of 3D content
  • Switch from 3D to 2D modes