IQH3D Glasses-Free 3D LED Videowall

The IQH3D Glasses-Free 3D LED Videowall revolutionizes the indoor advertising and entertainment industry.
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    The IQH3D Glasses-Free 3D LED Videowall revolutionizes the indoor advertising and entertainment industry. This technology creates a brand new experience for the viewer, with crisp, clear, eye-catching, lifelike images.

    This series of products adopt lenticular grating technology and EV803 stereoscopic video processor with independent intellectual property rights, which can realize the conversion and processing of dual-viewpoint video signals to super-multi-viewpoint (up to 32) video signals in real-time and supports general three-dimensional video formats and video interfaces. It can achieve a high-quality glasses-free 3D display without any additional software and equipment. This series of products use several industry-leading video processing technologies to achieve a glasses-free 3D display effect with strong stereo, high definition, high brightness, and bright colors.

    Product Highlights:

    *Available in customizable sizes, up to 20ft.

    *Brings in multi-viewpoint glasses-free 3D display technology with its own intellectual property.

    *High-precision depth calculation technology and large-scale dense viewpoint rendering technology, support general 3D content formats such as side-by-side, 9-tile.

    *Support 2D, 3D, 9 tiles, 2D to 3D, and other multi-format video playbacks; Support HDMI1.4a and above 2D to 3D automatic recognition and playback; 2D, 3D side-by-side, 3D 9-tile, 2D to 3D Multi-format video files are automatically recognized and played via USB.

    *Support UHD decode, up to [email protected]

    *Fully compatible with 2D content.

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    For more information and full product details download the IQH3D Glasses-Free 3D LED Videowall Specifications Sheet from the link below.


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