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To bring revolutionary Glasses-Free 3D viewing technology to consumer products, the metaverse and the business community, with the highest quality optical +solutions achievable.

Through research and development with our world leading 3D optical scientific teams and partners.

IQH3D has pioneered a new wave of 3D devices by investing in research and development of Glasses-Free 3D devices and cutting-edge software applications. R and D centers located in Asia have addressed the 3D without glasses market for multiple sectors, including medical, consumer electronics, stadiums and venues, airports and malls, live streaming and automatic content conversion.

IQH3D’s core focus is on white-labeling, we have a proven track record of delivering thousands of units to our customers with the highest quality controls and final product satisfaction.

Regional Suppliers

Canada – Provizona Inc.

Matt Fuchs
[email protected]

Strategic Partners

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  • Loyal Haylett

    Founder & Chairman

    For over 25 years, Mr. Haylett has been a successful entrepreneur in the music and entertainment industry. He has built and sold several companies during his business career.

  • Dr. Curtis Phillips

    Director of Deployment-3D Medical, Educational & Advertising Systems

    Dr. Phillips is a double board-certified Adult and Addiction Psychiatrist. He completed medical school at St. George’s University , psychiatric residency at Upstate Medical Center In Syracuse, New York and an Addiction Psychiatry Fellowship at Mount Sinai, New York.
    He currently runs a private practice and is medical director at a mental health and rehabilitation facility in Palm Beach Florida.

  • David Ross


    Serving as our COO and head of business development, Mr. Ross has extensive experience in sales and marketing in various fields ranging from the hospitality industry to commercial electronics industry.

  • Oezlem Milne

    Vice President of Sales
    Experienced Real Estate Investor Turned Technology Sales Professional 
    Oezlem Milne is a dynamic professional who seamlessly transitioned from a successful career in real estate investment to emerge as a trailblazer in the field of technology sales. With a rich background in real estate spanning over two decades, Oezlem has honed her skills in strategic negotiation, client relations, and business leadership. 
    Beginning her journey in 2001 as a real estate investor, Oezlem quickly distinguished herself with a keen business acumen and an innate ability to identify opportunities in dynamic markets. In 2008, she expanded her expertise by obtaining a Realtor license, solidifying her commitment to achieving excellence in the real estate industry. 
    Taking her passion for real estate to new heights, Oezlem ventured into brokerage ownership in 2021. As the founder of a thriving brokerage, she showcased her entrepreneurial spirit and leadership capabilities. During this time, Oezlem not only managed successful real estate transactions but also demonstrated her commitment to embracing innovation and staying ahead of industry trends. 
    In addition to her real estate prowess, Oezlem Milne specializes in Commercial and Investment Real Estate, as well as the prestigious designation of Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS). These certifications underscore her commitment to continuous learning and mastery of her craft, qualities that she brings to her new role in technology sales. 
    Fluent in German, Turkish, and possessing an understanding of Arabic, Oezlem Milne brings a global perspective to her professional endeavors. This multilingual capability enhances her ability to connect with a diverse range of clients and navigate international business landscapes. 
    With a solid foundation in business strategy, client-focused service, and a proven track record of success, Oezlem Milne has embarked on a new chapter in her professional journey. Leveraging her well-honed skills, she has transitioned into technology sales, where she combines her strategic mindset with a passion for cutting-edge solutions. 
    Oezlem is poised to make a significant impact in the technology sector, drawing on her diverse experience and unique perspective gained from years of navigating the complexities of real estate. As she embraces this new challenge, Oezlem Milne remains dedicated to delivering exceptional value to her clients, forging lasting partnerships, and driving innovation in the fast-paced world of technology sales.
  • Antonio Lopes


    Antonio Lopes PhD CIO: Dr. Lopes is a practicing university professor and R&D scientist responsible for furthering the development of Nano-wire and 3D interactive media.

  • Goud Ram


    Goud Ram CDS: Mr. Goud is an expert in the field of Computational Methods, and Data Sciences.

  • Hu ChengChung

    Advisory Board

    Mr. Hu, ChengChung, has extensive experience with technology. He has received awards for his ground breaking developments in 3D as the founder of his company that specializes in 3D research and production. Some of his accomplishments includes: Produced 42” FHD & 65” 4K2K glasses-free 3D displays. Developing the world’s biggest 5Mx2M P2.0 LED glasses-free 3D and the world’s smallest pitch P1.2 LED glasses-free 3D. He played leading roles in the design and development of cell materials used to develop LCD. He developed 10.1” projected capacitive touch panels from RD sample to mass production, developed 7”, 10.2”, 15.4” and 21.5” 2D/3D Switch-able multi-view 3D displays, changed the industry absorption axis specification of polarizer material form ±1° to ±0.5° and multi-view barrier 3D video wall. He introduced the world’s first “thin” polarizer material of LCD.

  • Anita Baker

    Sales & Marketing Director

    Former alumni of St. John’s University, Miss Baker has a proven track record of multi-million-dollar sales and several years of strategic planning, sales, and management experience in the technology field.

  • Matt Fuchs

    International Business Development

    Mr. Fuchs is a seasoned professional that has managed the growth of an IBM business partner organization specialized in advanced multi-platform technology for key corporate clients. He brings special insight on how to apply technology to create business solutions for clients operating in global markets. Mr. Fuchs is fluent in English, Spanish and French.

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