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IQH3D 28″ Ultimate Eye Tracking 3D Monitor


Single-view 3D with the addition of eye-tracking technology detects the eyes of each viewer and adjusts the view angle accordingly, this delivers the best viewing angle and the best quality 3D images to the viewer, regardless of whether the viewer’s head is shifted or not. Single view 3D with eye-tracking technology delivers the best 3D visual experience available without losing the 3D image quality and 3D dept (pop out). This technology is perfect for 3D gaming, AR gaming, 3D guided medical operation monitoring, short-sighted correction, 3D educational programs, 3D movie, and VR content, 3D aero pilot training and practicing……


Standard Monitor Features:

  • Single view 3D with eye-tracking technology
  • Extremely high-quality 3D image and ever maximum clarity, sharpness, with no cross-talk & no ghost image
  • Realtime rendering delay <1/60 sec
  • 1:1 3D depth and pop-out
  • View distance as close as 0.60m
  • Support 4K content

Interactive Monitor Features:

  • All Features of Standard Monitor plus:
  • Interactive System-with gesture control & light pen control

Target Industries:

  • Medical
  • Engineering
  • Gaming
  • Education
  • Film
  • Architecture


IQH3D 28″ Ultimate Eye Tracking 3D Monitor