Interactive Educational Platform Saras-3D and US Based Tech Company IQH3D Join Forces to Transform Learning Worldwide, Starting with the US and Canada

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The Saras-3D interactive 3D educational platform features 3D videos and 3D model learning tools for students in grades 9-12 who are studying Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

MIAMIOct. 19, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Today, we are pleased to announce an exciting joint venture between IQH3D and SARAS-3D, two pioneers in the field of 3D technology and education. By combining the engaging features of the Saras-3D interactive educational platform with IQH3D’s innovative SKYY, Glasses-Free 3D tablet, this partnership creates a new immersive environment for students to explore, learn, and fully understand complex science and mathematics concepts. The SKYY Tablet that usually retails for $649, will be available on for a discounted rate of $499, this includes a 1-year subscription to the Saras-3D platform, with access to all 4 subject areas.

Through their partnership with SARAS-3D, IQH3D is offering students in the US and Canada an engaging and transformative 3D learning experience without the requirement of wearing special glasses. The Saras-3D interactive 3D educational platform features 3D videos and 3D model learning tools for students in grades 9-12 who are studying Physics, Biology, Chemistry, and Mathematics.

“By combining Saras-3D’s exceptional educational content with our state-of-the-art SKYY Android Tablet, we aim to empower students with the tools they need to excel in their academic journey,” said Loyal Haylett, CEO of IQH3D. “We are proud to support this joint venture and believe it will revolutionize education by making it accessible, engaging, and interactive. SKYY is the limit.”

With a commitment to inclusivity, the platform will be available in multiple languages, customizable to fit any curriculum. Vijay Albuquerque CEO of Saras-3D, expressed his excitement about this collaboration, stating…

“Our vision has always been to provide students with a dynamic and immersive learning experience. By partnering with IQH3D, we can now take this vision to new heights, reaching students around the world,” Vijay Albuquerque CEO Saras-3D.

IQH3D, a leader in providing innovative 3D technology solutions, will play a vital role in this collaboration by offering the IQH3D SKYY tablet at a competitive price. The SKYY tablet has been specifically designed to complement the Saras-3D platform, ensuring a seamless integration of content and technology. Additionally, IQH3D will provide comprehensive technical support to both educators and students, ensuring a positive learning experience.

This partnership is expected to have a profound impact on the education landscape, empowering students, and educators alike to deepen learning with the innovative new tool of Glasses-Free 3D. By merging the expertise of Saras-3D and IQH3D, the joint venture aims to inspire a love for science and mathematics, foster critical thinking skills, and enhance overall academic performance. School administrators, principals, educators, and parents are encouraged to reach out to IQH3D for more information and to organize a free demo at [email protected].

About IQH3D

IQH3D is an innovative Glasses-Free 3D company specializing in providing cutting-edge 3D technology.

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Saras-3D is a leading educational platform committed to transforming the way students learn science and mathematics. With a comprehensive range of interactive content, Saras-3D provides an immersive learning experience tailored to fit various curricula.

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